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Welcome to Storytag

These books were better than I could have imagined! For me, the process of organizing all of my digital images is like pulling teeth and very overwhelming. But, talking to Nikki about all of these memories was enjoyable. It took me back in time fondly remembering the event or outing.


As an introvert, I hesitate putting my personal feelings out to such a broad audience. But, after an hour on the phone with Nikki, I really knew why she has a passion in doing this for people. We had pages and pages that will be invaluable to my husband and kids.


Welcome to Storytag

Our reason for being is that, in the digital age, we are all too good at taking pictures to remember, but too often fall short of preserving them in a way that engages us over time. Our images are too often stuck in folders, social media sites, smartphones, cameras and all sorts of media drives. And yet, a handful of well selected images alongside a good story in a format that calls out to be read is worth so much more than thousands of images strewn across the digital universe. 

Our mission is to help families all across the country preserve their stories with respect and artful aesthetics so that they can all experience more often their own legacies of joy and love and loss and each and every one's unique meaning of life.  

- Nikki McKenna

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